Jean Chalvidant


426 pages, 23 euros - In French
Editions Cheminements
ISBN : 2-84478-229-9

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ETA remains the last active terrorist group in Europe. It killed more than eight hundred people, wounded thousands more, caused hatred and despair through that Basque country that some people wish to be neither Spanish nor French. In this book fifty years of the secret life Basque separatist movement are uncovered, with an abundance of facts, details, clarifications of the deeds that covered Spain in blood since the last years of the Franco régime. The names of the 21 present-day leaders , 150 portrays of the most prominent ETA sub-chiefs, whether unknown, wanted, jailed or killed ; the complete breakdown of the 33 clandestine commandoes dispersed through the Peninsula, also that of the 17 executive committees, the list of the 825 victims of the ETA and that of the 150 ETA-men and sympathizers who were elected in the democratic parties, all of this contributes to give this work a never-before attained credibility on this subject matter.

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