Jean Chalvidant

L'Espagne de Franco à Zapatero

Spain, from Franco to Zapatero
660 pages, 35 euros
Editions Atlantica
ISBN 2-84394-930-0


Jean Chalvidant's ambitious purpose is to offer his readers a book embracing all the events as well as all the people who left their mark on the last fifty years of Spain.
In this work, which is bound to become a must for all those who intend to study Spain or learn about it,  the author has deliberately chosen to picture the male and female politicians who made Spain what it is today, the events that took place as well as the political parties, in the guise of a dictionary.
It's all there, from the slow throes of death of the Franco regime, the smooth passing into democracy, the brutal failure of Adolfo Suarez's centrism, the coming into power of the first socialist wave under the leadership of Felipe González, then that of José María Aznar's conservative right, to the unexpected electoral victory of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in March 2004, just three days after the Atocha Islamic bomb murders.
"Spain, from Franco to Zapatero" is the fruit of twenty years of intense research work. It overflows with information never yet disclosed in France. 1 000 male and female politicians are pictured with no bias nor prejudice, with rigorous accuracy, and with the touch of an alert and witty pen. The result of this masterpiece is a better understanding of this ill-known country, Spain."

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